Tashia Rasul

Special guest

Tashia Rasul is a partner at Lois Law Firm where she defends employers in New York workers’ compensation matters and leads the Construction Defense Practice team. She frequently visits construction and other work sites to develop defense strategies. Tashia routinely handles complex cases involving occupational injuries, pulmonary diseases and catastrophic injuries. Tashia also works on Longshore workers’ compensation claims.

In addition to her trial practice, Tashia leads the Firm’s Diversity Committee. Tashia is active in the National Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation, a think tank of engaged female thought leaders committed to discussing challenges and emerging trends in the Workers’ Compensation industry.

Before joining Lois Law Firm, Tashia was an in-house counsel for a national insurance company, where she handled personal injury protection (PIP) and “No-fault” cases. Tashia has also represented school boards, police departments and municipalities in cases involving claims against Public entities under New Jersey’s Title 59.

Tashia frequently provides on-site training for employers and carriers. She is the author of numerous articles on workers’ compensation, some of which can be found on her LinkedIn page.

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